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Rigging Machinery Mover, Erector

Rigging Ironwork encompasses the loading, unloading, moving, and setting of structural steel, curtain walls, and machinery. Rigging Ironworkers must possess knowledge of various types of chokers, straps, and other means of rigging used to hoist and set pieces safely, effectively, and without damage. Knowing how to find the center or to counterbalance a pick through the use of multiple hoist points as well as maintaining effective communication with the operator are essential aspects of Rigging Ironwork. Every Ironworker must practice some rigging and signaling as a necessity of most construction sites. The Rigging Ironworker has the competence to unload countless truckloads of steel and tons of heavy machinery safely and effectively with an eye to its placement for future erection or movement. Rigging Ironworkers also assist the operator in extending booms and retracting crane booms, planning difficult pick and placement operations, and working closely with the operator in carrying these tasks out. Rigging Ironwork requires confidence, competence, and critical thinking. The operator's machine does all heavy lifting while the Rigging Ironworker ensures that each lift is carried out safely and properly. For the Ironworker who is good at spotting hazards, communicating to multiple people, and planning the lifting and placement of heavy objects Rigging Ironwork is an opportunity for that Ironworker to demonstrate these skills.