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Ornamental Ironwork

Ornamental Ironwork encompasses the installation of glass windows, curtain walls, metal stairways and walkways, doors, fencing, railing, and building entrances. Unlike most Ironwork, which often lies hidden within concrete or behind a glass facade, Ornamental Ironwork is the closest that the trade's work interfaces with the public. The steps the public takes, the doors they open, the rails they hold, and the storefronts they behold are the work of Ornamental Ironworkers. The Ornamental Ironworker possesses a keen eye for detail and a steady hand for layout and installation. Accompanying the function of the many construction components that the Ornamental Ironworker installs is an aesthetic consideration, planned by the architect, which is carried out by the Ironworker, and appreciated by the public who encounter it. Art and engineering find greater parity here than in virtually any other aspect of Ironwork. And to the Ironworker with a keen eye, steady hand, and patient determination, Ornamental Ironwork is a way to practice those skills.